R.I.P Monster

This morning started badly when I read this from the Brooklyn Brewery Blog;

“Dear Friends,

It is with tremendous sadness to inform you that Monster the Brooklyn Brewery cat passed away today from kidney failure at the age of 13.

It’s safe to say that few other cats have received more attention and love (and table food) from more people than Monster. When he wasn’t working the crowds, visitors to The Brewery would find Monster perched above the Company Store watching/napping over his guests, and glaring eagle-eyed at any and all intrusive dogs. In his tenure as Tasting Room Host, Monster has made fans from across the world, and has been featured in the media via Animal Planet, Time Out NY and numerous magazines and blogs.

Monster quickly became one of the most photographed objects in The Brewery, and aside from possibly Brewmaster Oliver has posed with more Brooklyn fans than any other member of the team.

Monster, you will be missed.

– The Brooklyn Brewery Family”

I reviewed his namesake beer earlier this year. In the backstory I wrote a “famed New Yorker is the inspiration for tonight’s beer of choice. Handsome; occasional wearer of a dapper bowtie; adopted by the brewery in 1999; beloved of visitors and employees alike and vice president of mouse control; Monster the Cat.

We were fortunate enough to meet this feline employee; he was sitting outside the brewery, amusing patrons waiting for the doors to open at 12. He’s a friendly yet fiercely independent character, who took off deep into the brewery as we propped up the bar.”

Monster personified the playful attitude of the Brooklyn Brewery, the Monster’s Log section of their site always raised a smile. Tonight Emma, @toonbeerchris and I toasted the passing of this hilarious little fella in the Bacchus, drinking a bottle of the beer to bore his name. It was as characterful as Monster himself.  

RIP little dude.

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